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The Human Fish Finder

Posted by admin on March 17, 2013

collegiate_photo_200.jpgMiles “Sonar” Burghoff has been fishing most of his life with his first tournament at age 12. Sonar grew up in Northern California where he learned to fish for bass. This created a dream for him to pursue his passion. Sonar moved to Florida and attends the University of Central Florida. When he is not hitting the books his is landing monster bass. He explained that one of the main reasons he wanted to go to Florida was to learn how to flip in the heavy cover. Sonar has always wanted to perfect his techniques “It’s like a being a chess piece, you have to make moves to be successful”. Sonar says that he wants to move towards the Midwest after college to perfect his deep diving crank baits. This will help him pursue his career in the open division. Keep an eye out for Miles Burghoff in the Future. >>> read more