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Sonar's Sweetwater Blog Post: The Big Deal On The Big "O"

Posted by editor on February 29, 2016


Photo: Jason Stemple Photography and SE Multimedia

Question:  What should I throw if I fish lake okeechobe this time of year, and should I go to deep water or stay back in the grass flats?  -DUSTIN


Great question Dustin!

Lake Okeechobee is as legendary as it gets when it comes to bass fishing destinations, and in my opinion it deserves every bit of its excellent reputation.

Joey pokes fun at the fact that I have a hundred different "home lakes" due to the fact that I have pretty much lived in every corner of the country, and had the pleasure of having some pretty epic lakes close to home.  However, of all the lakes I've frequented, Lake Okeechobee tops the list of the ones I feel at home on.  

Despite it's stellar reputation, the Big O, like many Florida grass lakes, also is known for being a hard nut to crack, mostly due to the overwhelming amount of vegetation anglers must sift through to get to the mother load.

Here are some tips on how I break down this massive fishery.