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BassFan Sonar Sound-Off: Lessons From ICAST

Posted by editor on July 10, 2015

On the eve of my favorite fishing industry event, ICAST, I’m packing my bags and ironing out the details of my busy 3-day schedule.

Not unlike a kid on the night before Christmas, I’m also overcome with optimism and exuberance because this is an event that, in many ways, will set the course for the fishing industry for the following year. And for a “bass geek,” nothing evokes exuberance like having all the new fishing gear and all the big industry players under one roof.

To me, it’s also much more than a barometer for the overall industry. It’s also an opportunity to set the pace for my next season, which is why it's important to act professional.

Though I feel I've been successful at presenting myself in a professional manner, I've learned some lessons that have been key to an enjoyable and productive time at fishing’s main industry show.


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