Meet Sonar


First of all I want to say how honored I am to be able to compete in the sport of bass fishing- a sport in which I am extremely passionate about.  I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work hard to achieve the goals I set out for myself when I was a child, and I dont take for granted the people and experiences that have helped me along the way.  It is because of the people that follow my endeavors, my family, my friends and a group of the best sponsors a professional angler could hope to work with, that I am able to chase my dreams.  In honor of all of you I promise to continue to represent and promote this sport to the best of my ability and to always keep plugging away.  Thank you all very much!!

-Miles Burghoff


Hometown:  Paradise, CA

Current Residence:  Santa Cruz, CA

DOB: 6/19/86

Fishing Stuff

Favorite Lake:  "I don't really have a favorite lake because I just love to mix it up and visit someplace new."

Least Favorite Lake:  "Again, don't really have a least favorite.  Even the most challenging lakes are fun."

Favorite Technique:  Flipping & Pitching

Primary Strength:  Versatility

Secondary Strength:  Reading shallow cover

Biggest Weakness:  "I have yet to master deep crankbaits and isolated structure fishing, but that is why I moved to Guntersville-so I could touch up on that a little."

Personal Stuff

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Movie/Book:  Star Wars saga/ Michael Iaconelli's Fishing on the Edge

Favorite Band:  Pink Floyd

Favorite Color:  "Blue.....wait.....Green!"



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