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Navionics Charts- Navionics+ 

Navionics cards have been staples in tournament bass fishing arsenals for years, and pre-loaded regional cards have been the norm.  Now, for those anglers that travel the country and don't want to have to buy a card for each region Navionics has created Navionics +.

 Navionics + is a new card where the traveling angler can download any maps within the US and Canada (and much more) up to the card's capacity.  Navionics + also includes great features like SonarCharts, Freshest Data (free updates) for 12 months, updated Nautical Charts and Community Edits.


Sonar On Tour

mb3_150.jpgKeep up with Sonar's 2014 season fishing the FLW Rayovac Series and Bassmaster Opens here, on Facebook, Twitter (milesburghoff) or Instagram (sonarfishing).

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Sonar Sound-Off: Back To The Future

Posted by editor on April 1, 2014

I want to apologize for not being as on top of this column as I normally am. It’s not that I don’t have anything to report – in fact, the exact opposite is true.

I've had such a tremendous travel schedule and workload so far this season that it seems that time has passed by faster than Marty McFly had ever experienced. I can't believe it's already almost April!!

Looking back at my last Sonar Sound-Off write-up, I'm blown away at how much I need to bring you all up to speed on, and I kind of cringe at the thought of having to breeze over some things that deserve their own treatment. But alas, due to my procrastinations, I must review the last couple months at light speed.


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Sonar Sound-Off: Big Things

Posted by editor on November 20, 2013

Sometimes it’s the “small” things that really get you excited about what you love to do. Sometimes it’s grabbing your favorite energy drink or coffee on the way to the lake that gets you amped on life.

Sometimes it’s turning up the volume on some Led Zepplin and singing “Ramble On” at the top of your lungs that reminds you how much you love traveling across the country in your role as a “road warrior.”

Sometimes the trophies, titles and checks aren’t what keep the fire burning.

Sometimes it’s getting 3rd place in a nine-boat club derby that makes you remember how much you love the sport of bass fishing, and how sometimes the “big” stuff doesn’t matter all that much.


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Alright Big Bass fans, the time has come for the Gerald Swindle Big Bass Classic on Lake Guntersville! 


Although all the Oakley Big Bass Tour events are placed on the nations best lakes at the best times, the G-Ville event is arguably the most anticipated of the year- and for very good reason.

Lake Guntersville is the legendary TVA stand-out that is known for harboring one of the largest populations of big bass, due in part to it’s baitfish rich ecosystem, its vast grass flats along with its other diverse cover and structural elements.  

Since there are so many options for anglers on G-Ville, I wanted to take some time to help simplify this body of water that is very capable of making even the best big bass hunters feel a little overwhelmed.


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Miles "Sonar" Burghoff has always been passionate about the sport of fishing.  At an early age he began pursuing a career in competitive bass fishing and has never looked back.  His young career includes highlights such as winning the 2011 ACA National Championship, an All-American berth and multiple regional wins.  > full bio


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